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Liqueur Gifts, Top Thanksgiving Liqueur Gifts Collection at Sendgifts

Top Thanksgiving Liqueur Gifts Collection at Sendgifts

Looking for liqueur gifts ideas this thanksgiving? Sendgifts has a plenty of thanksgiving liqueur gifts collection for you! It’s always nice to show up with something when you go to your in-laws’ or friends’ house for Thanksgiving.

Alcohol for thanksgiving is the sweetest present for many alcohol lovers. It is easy to send thanksgiving liqueur gifts online at sendgifts.com with just few clicks. And it offers the best liqueur delivery service across USA.

Listed below are some of the best liqueur gifts ideas for Thanksgiving 2022. So, what are you waiting for? Order liqueur online and enjoy it with your dear ones.

Thanksgiving Liqueur Gifts

Artfully aged at a relatively mild 80 proof, Basil Hayden is as novel and delectable a bourbon whiskey as it was when the master distiller rolled out his first barrel over 200 years ago. Marked by a rich cascade of aromas and flavors, Basil Hayden is still a small batch bourbon, but with broader appeal. And just as it was in 1796, the only ‘rule’ to enjoying our Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey is that it should be done responsibly.

Brand: Basil Hayden’s

Country: United States

State: Kentucky

Spirits Type: Bourbon

Spirits Style: Small Batch Bourbon

ABV: 40%

Tasting Notes:

Aroma: Charred oak and sweet notes of vanilla & caramel with hints of dried fruit.

  • Basil Haydens Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey 750ml

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Taste: Charred oak flavor that is complemented with sweet brown sugar, a touch of black pepper, and dried fruit to round it out.

Finish: A pleasant, lingering charred oak finish with a touch of dried fruit.

Don Q Anejo Rum is catalogued premium for its high-quality degree. It is aged from two to nine years. Its prolonged contact with the wood of the barrel makes the product deliver the optimal bouquet that rum experts prefer. Don Q is so smooth, that you can enjoy it straight, on the rocks or mixed.

Brand: Don Q

Country: Puerto Rico

Spirits Type: Rum

Spirits Style: Aged Rum

ABV: 40%

Tasting Notes:

Immediate oak, vanilla and caramel aromas followed by molasses and soft leather. Rich texture, coats the palate with a soft tannin and lingering cognac-like finish.

  • Don Q Anejo Rum 750ml

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Pairing Suggestions:

Great sipping rum, straight, on the rocks, with a splash of water or with club soda. Use instead of regular dark rum for added depth to cocktails. Ideal substitute for whiskeys and brandies in Manhattans and Alexanders. Pair with chicken, fish and meats or with rich flavors such as cream sauces and reductions.

Hardy Legend 1863 Cognac is aged up to twelve years in toasted Limousin oak barrels. The end result is a fine representation of the classic Hardy style with a rich bronze color, a delicate scent of dates and rose petals, and flavors of cappuccino with a smooth finish.

Brand: Hardy

Country: France

Spirits Type: Brandy & Cognac

Spirits Style: Cognac

Tasting Notes:

Appearance: Medium Amber.

Nose: The bouquet is light and floral with notes of cappuccino and vanilla with a hint of citrus zest.

Palate: On the palate you’ll fine café latte, orange marmalade, and jasmine.

  • A. Hardy Legend 1863 Cognac 70cl

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Finish: The finish is medium length, smooth, and lightly sweet.

Four Roses is a small batch bourbon using only four casks in the construction of each release. It’s sweet and spicy with a generous dash of vanilla. The four original and limited quantity bourbons added to the blend have been expertly selected by the Four Roses Master Distiller at the peak of their maturation and blended together using years of experience and knowledge.

Brand: Four Roses

Country: United States

State: Kentucky

Spirits Type: Bourbon

Spirits Style: Small Batch Bourbon

ABV: 45%

Tasting Notes:

Nose: The nose is quite subtle and smooth, there are notes of winter spice and buttered granary toast with thick honey. There are hints of cut flowers and dry hay.

Palate: The palate is much fuller with a lovely balance. There are notes of manuka honey, winter spice, toasty oak, a little crème anglaise and thick fruit.

Finish: The finish is of good length with a resurgence from the crème anglaise.

Amaro Ramazzotti is an Italian digestif from the bitters category. Thirty-three different aromatic plants and fruits are used in its making, including sweet oranges, whose taste is the most prominent. Amaro Ramazzotti is traditionally enjoyed as a digestif, either straight or over ice to retain all its flavors.

Brand: Ramazzotti

Country: Italy

Spirits Type: Amaro, Aperitif & Vermouth

Spirits Style: Amaro, Bittersweet/Bold

Proof: 60

Tasting Notes:

Color: Dark brown, the color of cola.

Taste: Sweet and gentle with notes of ripe plums, dark berries and cola, with a spiced finish and just the faintest bitter finish.

  • Ramazzotti Amaro 750ml

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Serve: Sip straight up as a digestif or aperitif on the rocks, with a slice of ginger and cucumber, a twist of lemon peel, or lightened with a splash of club soda. It’s also gaining popularity as an addition to cocktails with its balance of bitter and sweet.

Glayva Scotch Liqueur is a very popular Scotch whisky liqueur, Glayva is flavored with honey, almonds, tangerines and spices. The name derives from the Gaelic for “very good”. The liqueur is of such merit that it won the International Wine and Spirit Competition 5 times, making it the best liqueur in the world.

Tasting Notes:

Color: Amber is so complex and bright as to appear coppery.

Aroma: The warmth of whiskies on the nose, with mouth-watering notes of cinnamon, nuts, and tangerines, and an echo of beehives.

Taste: A gorgeously smooth melange of grain, spices, and citrus orchard. Any bitterness is beautifully balanced with sweetness. Honeyed, sophisticated, and comforting.

  • Glayva Scottish Liqueur 500ml

    , ,

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