Thanksgiving, Best Liquor Gifts for Thanksgiving 2022

Best Liquor Gifts for Thanksgiving 2022

With Thanksgiving 2022 right around the corner, we’re about to kick off a month full of holiday celebrations and booze. When it comes to Thanksgiving 2022 gifts, you must include one mandatory item on your list: LIQUORS!

It is fine to give clothes, jewelry, dinner treats, but if you do not include a fantastic and good-looking liquor bottle with it, the party will be incomplete. Hence, Sendgifts has gathered a few of the best Thanksgiving alcoholic drinks that are sure to please everyone.

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Let’s get started. Take a look at these excellent thanksgiving liquors and raise a glass with your loved ones.

Best alcohol bottles to have on Thanksgiving 2022:

The Woodford Reserve Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey adds an extraordinary charm to parties; it is one of the most popular whiskies in the world. Every sip of the whiskey makes you fall in love with its perfectly blended flavor and smooth texture.

Brand: Woodford Reserve

Country: United States

State: Kentucky

Spirits Type: American Whiskey

Spirits Style: Whiskey

ABV: 45.2%

Tasting Notes

Nose: Brown sugar, freshly baked apricot pastries, nutty bread, caramel and a touch of cask char.

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Palate: Honeycomb, peanut brittle, buttered corn, toasted oak, brown bread.

Finish: Hints of dark chocolate and toffee linger.

Hennessy Paradis Cognac is the best whiskey to have on Thanksgiving 2022. This whiskey is blended with Eaux-de-vie, which gives it a flavorful aroma of rose petals, truffles, honey, and more. Hennessy can certainly make your thanksgiving more exciting.

Category: Cognac

Region: France, Cognac

Brand: Hennessy

Alcohol/vol: 40%

Proof: 80.00

Tasting Notes

Appearance: Dark Copper.

Nose: Dark fruits, roses, and spice.

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Palate: Rich, with rancio, juicy plum, honeysuckle, and wood.

Finish: Medium length with complex fruit and spice.

The Grand Marnier Liqueur is another option besides whiskies or vodkas. You can impress your party hosts by presenting them with the most prestigious and superior liqueur. It is aged 25 years with wild oranges and eventually becomes a rich tipple that can be mixed with any cocktail.

Brand: Grand Marnier

Country: France

Spirits Type: Liqueurs/Cordials/Schnapps

Spirits Style: Citrus & Triple Sec, Orange

ABV: 40%

Tasting Notes

Nose: Full and ample; bitter orange aromas balanced by Sweetness and Cognac notes of hazelnuts and toffee.

Taste: Complex, Orange, Refined.

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Finish: The finish is long and harmonious.

Serve: On the rocks, cocktails, shots.

America’s biggest-selling premium bourbon, the much-loved Wild Turkey 101 is a richly-flavored concoction with a mellowness that belies its high strength.

Brand: Wild Turkey

Country: United States

State: Kentucky

Spirits Type: Bourbon

ABV: 50.5%

Tasting Notes

Nose: Big and peppery to start, with rye and caraway seed following. Toffee sweetness sits at the back.

Palate: Intense and layered, with waves of cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, hazelnuts and mint.

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Finish: Long and spicy.

Thanksgiving wouldn’t be complete without a bottle of Wild Turkey. The Wild Turkey 101 Proof Bourbon is perfect served on the rocks.

Sipsmiths London Dry Gin stays true to the style with a bold, complex flavor that starts with notes of dry juniper and blossoms into a citrusy bouquet of lemon tart and orange marmalade. For the dedicated Martini drinker, this affordable bottle is a no-brainer.

Brand: Sipsmith

Country: England

Spirits Type: Gin

Alcohol Volume: 41.6%


Tasting Notes

Appearance: Crystal clear.

Nose: Honey with ripe fruits and a little yeasty. Nutty undertones with a hint of chocolate and grape jam.

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Palate: A gentle mouth feel, with initial dry juniper joined by growing sweetness, showing lemon tart & orange marmalade, garnished by a wave of fresh lemon zest, followed by bolder juniper & light dryness, before all the flavors harmonise into one integrated taste.

Finish: Dryness leads, with spicy juniper and a hint of lemon tart emerging.

Old Forester 1870 Original Batch pays tribute to the Old Forester’s status as the first bottled bourbon. To recreate the original Old Forester’s flavor profile, barrels from three different warehouses with different production dates, barrel entry proof and maturation dates are blended into the final bottling.

Light bodied and much more fruit forward than other Old Forester marques, Old Forester 1870 is made for mixing and will shine in an Old Fashioned or Manhattan cocktail.

Brand: Old Forester

Country: United States

State: Kentucky

Spirits Type: Bourbon

Spirits Style: Small Batch Bourbon

ABV: 45%

Tasting Notes

Eye: Amber

Nose: Cherry-heavy dried dark fruit, oak, coffee cake, vanilla, brown sugar and touches of cinnamon. Not super-expressive or dense, but the aroma is enjoyable.

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Palate: Caramel, dried dark fruit, oak, biscuit, maple frosting on a donut, cocoa and some baking spice. Like the aroma, the palate is soft, easy and enjoyable.

Finish: Charred oak leads with a clean peripheral spice.

Nolet’s Silver Dry Gin is one of the most classical dry gins for gin lovers, and it is exceptionally crafted. The bottle’s top is covered with a balloon bowl. You can smell the delicious aroma of botanical flavors as soon as you open the cap.

Brand: Nolet

Country: Netherlands

Spirits Type: Gin

Tasting Notes

Appearance: Crystal clear.

Aroma: A splash of water opens a perfumed floral rose petal/Turkish delight, sweet cherryade nose with subtle herbal and fruit aromas.

Taste: Similarly rose petal/Turkish delight-influenced palate has raspberry, black pepper and a drying blast of piney juniper and earthy orris root.

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Aftertaste: Long finish brings interplay between fruity, floral, rooty, piney and peppery flavors.

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