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We at SEND.com/SendGifts, LLC. (“Send.com”), strive to offer our customers excellent customer service. In situations where an incorrect item was sent or damage took place during transit, we offer a full money back guarantee or a replacement of the original product or similar product. Any claims need to be made within two weeks of the products delivery.

In situations where a customer ordered the wrong item, or simply wants to return the merchandise, we request customers contact our customer service department and explain the problem. In most instances we are happy to arrange for a return of merchandise at the customers expense, and upon receipt will refund the product cost, less any shipping/handling charges that were incurred.

Where perishable products are involved, we will offer a replacement or a refund as deemed fit in the particular circumstance.

There are certain products that are custom products on our site. We are unable to offer any refunds on those products unless it is related to damage or something related an incorrect item that was sent to you.

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