Best Whiskey Gifts, 7 Best Whiskey Gifts for This Holiday Season

7 Best Whiskey Gifts for This Holiday Season

When it comes to gift-giving, sometimes it’s hard to come up with the perfect present. A bottle of whiskey is at the top of our list of things we would like to receive as a gift. That’s why, during the holidays, we turn to find best whiskey gifts for them.

Buying booze online at last-minute might seems like a cop-out gift, and it can sometimes be. The gift won’t disappoint the whiskey lover, however. Additionally, whiskey is an excellent liquor gift for colleagues or those new to the spirit. No matter who the gift is for, fine whiskey makes for an excellent ice breaker and conversation starter. It’s because every fine whiskey has a unique history.

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Consider one of these best whiskey gifts if you’re finding it difficult for the perfect whiskey gift for someone on your list.

Best Whiskey Gifts

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Blanton’s Single Barrel Bourbon

Bourbon is in high demand these days, so getting your hands on this coveted whiskey from Buffalo Trace Distillery might be a challenge. This acclaimed bourbon has a sweet, citrusy, oaky profile with a backend note of clove, and those who appreciate whiskey will fall in love if they find a bottle. If the receiver is unfamiliar with the spirit, you could explain how Blanton’s is the first single barrel bourbon, and eight collectible racehorse stoppers spell out the name.

Tasting Notes: A deep, satisfying nose of nutmeg and spices. Powerful dry vanilla notes in harmony with hints of honey amid strong caramel and corn. A medium finish composed of returning corn and nutmeg flavors.

Macallan 15-Year Double Cask Single Malt Scotch Whisky

The world-renowned quality and premium price-point of Macallan Scotch makes it well known to even the most uneducated whiskey drinker. With notes of vanilla, butterscotch, citrus, and a distinctive Macallan spice, Macallan Double Cask whiskies are aged in two types of hand-crafted oak casks seasoned with dry Oloroso sherry.

Tasting Notes: On the nose is creamy, with caramel and butter notes. It is spicier than the 12-year-old, with some cinnamon and clove notes. It also has fruity notes of apple pie, pears in syrup and raisins, with a caramel rum-like souvenir. There are also some dark chocolate notes.

Yamazaki 12-Year Single Malt Whiskey

For decades now, the Japanese have been perfecting their own whiskey brews, as you might already know. Japanese-distilled whiskey pioneer Yamazaki has grown into a global beverage giant that owns former American whiskey brands Jim Beam and Makers Mark. Yamazaki is a top-notch Japanese whiskey, not because of the price, but rather because of its quality. Anyone who appreciates whiskey will enjoy this buttery yet bright and fruity whiskey.

Tasting Notes: Full-bodied and smooth. Sweet with vanilla, citrus notes with an undercurrent of spice just underneath all the candied notes balancing dusty cigarette ash and cedarwood dryness.

Glendalough Double Barrel Irish Whiskey

Glendalough Double Barrel Irish Whiskey is a single grain Irish whiskey, initially matured in American bourbon barrels before enjoying a finishing period of six months in Spanish Oloroso Sherry casks. This comes bottled at 42% ABV, brought down to this strength by Wicklow mountain water.

Tasting Notes: A creamy, malty nose begins with rich vanilla, white chocolate and buttery fudge. Notes of cooking apples, white grapes, marzipan icing and toasted oak form in the backdrop.

Sagamore Spirit Straight Rye Whiskey

In contrast to bourbon, rye whiskey must contain at least 51% rye grain, which typically lends the whiskey a sharp, spicy, alcohol-forward flavor profile. Baltimore’s Sagamore Spirit distillery is doing some inventive things in the world of rye whiskey. It is a blend of a high rye and low rye mash bill, each aged 4-6 years. This blend of low and high rye delivers a complex flavor profile with notes of spicy cinnamon, sweet honey, and nuts. You can enjoy this unique spirit neat or mixed into a Manhattan.

Tasting Notes: Vanilla, rye, spices and sweet notes of caramel prolonged with sensational tones of apricot, tobacco leaves and orange zest.

Lagavulin 16 Year Scotch

The Lagavulin is an ideal gift for a mezcal lover who wants to convert to whiskey. It is one of the smokiest Scotches you’ll find, with an exceptionally smooth finish. The predominant note of this whisky is smoke, but there are also notes of tea and sweet tobacco. Lagavulin’s distillation and maturation are longer than any of its Classic Malts.

Tasting Notes: A rich, dried fruit sweetness of the sherry character with clouds of smoke and strong, barley-malt flavors. At the back of the mouth is an explosion of salty and peppery smoke.

Wild Turkey Longbranch

Wild Turkey Longbranch is a great option if you want an excellent whiskey in the mid-range price range, but do not want to buy a bottle of Jack that has been played out. Aged for 8 years in new, charred American oak, it is refined with Texas mesquite and oak charcoals. The bourbon is exceptionally smooth and oaky, making it perfect for drinking neat or on the rocks. Bottled at 86 proof.

Tasting Notes: Caramel and spices on the palate with subtle smokiness and a hint of oak and char. It’s warm and smooth from start to finish.

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