Blue Run Trifecta Blend Kentucky Straight Bourbon

$333.98 $283.88

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Blue Run Trifecta Blend 420x458
Blue Run Trifecta Blend Kentucky Straight Bourbon $333.98 $283.88
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Blue Run Trifecta Kentucky Straight Bourbon Is A Small-Batch Whiskey That Demonstrates The Delicate Balancing Act Required When Blending A High-Quality Base Whiskey With The Vivid Flavors And Aromas From Older “Wood Heat” Whiskeys. Trifecta Starts With A Base Of Finely Crafted Six-Year-Old Whiskey, Which Makes Up Less Than Half Of The Composition Of The Total Liquid. To Add Additional Depth And Character, Blue Run Whiskey Director Shaylyn Gammon Blends That With Two Whiskeys Aged In The Upper Reaches Of Their Respective Rickhouses, Giving Them What She Calls “Wood Heat.”
58.55% ABV – 117.1 Proof