Blue Run Reflection Ii Kentucky Straight Bourbon

$189.98 $161.48

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Blue Run Reflection II Bourbon 420x458
Blue Run Reflection Ii Kentucky Straight Bourbon $189.98 $161.48
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With Reflection II, Whiskey Director Shaylyn Gammon Is Looking To Continue The Tradition While Emphasizing A Different Layer Of Flavor Notes Than Its Predecessor. While Reflection I Focused On The Darker Base Notes Like Oak And Caramel, Reflection II Zeroes In On The Brighter Middle Notes, Including Florals And Sweetness. Reflection II Also Features Older Whiskey Stocks Than Its Predecessor, With Gammon Seeking Out Barrels That Clearly Exhibited Elevated Mid-Note Flavors From Blue Run’s More Than 5,000-Barrel Inventory.
50% ABV – 100 Proof