Oban Distillers Edition Vintage Scotch Whisky 750ml


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Each Oban Distillers Edition expression undergoes a second (or ‘double’) maturation in casks that have previously held a fortified wine. The founders of Oban distillery were entrepreneurs who imported and exported goods for which they could sense a demand. They would have approved of the Spanish influence brought to bear in this Montilla Fino cask wood finish. A seriously complex whisky of the highest order.

The second maturation in Montilla Fino sherry casks develops luxurious flavors of butterscotch, toffee, and caramel with a backbone of sea salt and smoky-sweet finish.

It’s the 2001 vintage Oban Distillers Edition, which was allowed a finishing period in Montilla Fino casks before being bottled in 2016.

Oban Distiller’s Edition is a Highland malt well known for its gentle, dry, honey-and-fruit character. See my review of the 14-year standard bottling here. Diageo, owners of the tiny distillery, must make do with the production capacity of only two stills, 6 days a week. They set aside 300 barrels each year for the Distiller’s Edition, and now 300 barrels a year for the now 18-year-old. The Distiller’s Edition is a yearly release of the usual 14-year Oban which is further matured for 6-18 months in a Montilla Fino sherry butt. I tasted some of the 2010 bottling, which was distilled in 1995.

The 2001 vintage entry for Oban in Diageo’s Distillers Edition range, finished in Montilla fortified wine casks for more depth and a kick of spice.


Sherried peels, grassy malt, and nutty brown bread. A touch of chocolate sauce in there, too.


Rich in honey and butterscotch, followed by a light whiff of smoke. Blackberry and raspberry jam.


Toasty, subtly smoky spices.

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