Ardbeg 10 Year Scotch Whisky

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Ardbeg 10 Year Whisky is on the short list of whiskies I would personally recommend for stocking a home bar — any home bar. In my opinion, either this or the 10-year-old release from Laphroaig would fit the bill nicely for the bare essentials in representing heavily-peated drams and the Islay region in any modest collection. A phenomenal whisky packing powerful peaty deliciousness, Ardbeg 10 Year Old is a favourite of many whisky lovers around the world.

Ardbeg 10 is a relatively simple dram. It is Ardbeg single malt, using heavily-peated malt (55 to 65 ppm) from the maltings at Port Ellen (Ardbeg’s own kiln-fired maltings closed in 1977) and aged for at least 10 years in ex-bourbon barrels.

Tasting Notes Of Ardbeg 10 Year Whisky

Vital Stats:

46% ABV (92 proof), aged 10 years, 100% malted barley, widely available around $45-$50 per 750 ml bottle.


Light golden straw in color. Medium-thin legs.


Peat smoke and bandages right off the pour. Opens up to reveal more peat, more smoke, and more bandages. Menthol and eucalyptus lozenges. A hint of white grapes with more bold notes of peanuts, brine, grass clippings clogging a mower after cutting a wet lawn that had grown a little too long, a bit of sweat, and butter.


The palate still showcases the collision of lightness and smoke that Ardbeg is striving for. Light mouthfeel. Delicate on the tongue with powerful flavors. Salt takes the lead ahead of the full force of the smoke, which follows in very short order. Salted whipped honey, dried mango and papaya, fresh chopped parsley on buttered pasta, a bit of Thai sweet chili.


Long and glorious; sea salted caramel and beach bonfire smoke.

Ardbeg 10 Year Scotch Whisky -
Ardbeg 10 Year Scotch Whisky $141.00 $129.72
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