Peloton De La Muerte Mezcal Artesanal Joven 1ltr

$85.00 $72.25

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The march of the Dead” from the excellent mezcal producer Leyenda. This mezcal possesses impressive range with gorgeous notes of kiwi fruit, lemon zest, dried green peppercorn, classic agave and gentle smoke. A smooth and soft entry on the palate showing a ripe agave character and a hint of caramel leads to a finish with just the right amount of liveliness. An immediate go to for cocktails and a lovely stand-by for a classic, basic mezcal. Nicely balanced and offering a level of complexity unmatched for this value.

Peloton de la Muerte Mezcal Artesanal Joven
Peloton De La Muerte Mezcal Artesanal Joven 1ltr $85.00 $72.25
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