Peloton De La Muerte Mezcal Vegan Pechuga 750ml

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Peloton de la Muerte Pechuga is produced in the state of Guerrero by mezcalero Rodolfo Obregón. It is produced using a field blend of wild Guerrero agaves: Maguey Criollo y Ancho (A. Angustifolia Rubescens y A. Cupreata). The agaves are roasted and distilled together. Next, aromatics hung from the arabic still on 2nd distillation. This Obregón family recipe is a vegan pechuga; no meat is added. This mezcal has herbaceous flavors along with notes of wild agave.

Peloton de la Muerte Mezcal "Vegan" Pechuga
Peloton De La Muerte Mezcal Vegan Pechuga 750ml $121.00 $102.85
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