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Wilderness Trail Single Barrel Kentucky Straight Bourbon Bottled In Bond 750ml
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Wilderness Trail Single Barrel Kentucky Straight Bourbon Bottled In Bond 750ml


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Wilderness Trail Single Barrel Distillery co-founders Shane Baker and Pat Heist first started distilling operations in Danville. They made it clear from the get-go that their first bourbon would be bottled-in-bond. Due to the immense startup cost required to start a distillery. Props must be given to them for sticking to their guns. They emptied 40 barrels to make up this first release which was released in April 2018.

Wilderness Trail’s high in small grain bourbon is offered as a single barrel and bottled in bond. The single barrel selection offers nuances only premium cooper select barrels can create from their toasting and using 18-month-old air-dried staves. The bottled in bond gives you assurance the bourbon was properly distilled, it is aged between 5-6 years, and bottled at 100 proof. The mash bill is 64 percent corn, 24 percent wheat, and 12 percent malted barley, one of the highest ratios of wheat used in a Kentucky-made bourbon. The distillate is barreled in a #4 char barrel at 110 proof after coming off the still around 137 proof. The bourbon is aged in two-story Rickhouse A, moving floors each year of maturation.

A mix of vanilla, caramel, and mild oak make up the nose with ever-slight hints of wildflowers. The bourbon tastes of leather, pecans, burnt vanilla, and astringent oak. It finishes with a pop of caramel, light grain, maltiness, and mild oak.

Our High In Small Grain Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskeys Are Offered As A Single Barrel – Bottled In Bond. Two Special Releases In One Bottle! The Single Barrel Selection Offers Nuances Only Premium Cooper Select Barrels Can Create. From Their Toasting And Using 18-Month-Old Air-Dried Staves. After All, The Barrels Impart A Large Part Of The Flavor.


The nose opens with heavy floral vanilla, soft caramel, a touch of dark stone fruit, grains like young rye and sweet corn, earthy baking spices, and faint charred oak in the back with some very light alcohol.


The palate opens viscous with caramelized peanuts fading to deep brown sugar and peppery earthy rye spice mixed with dried cherries, a touch of zesty citrus, and some charred oak spice on the back of the tongue.


The finish opens with lingering peppery spice on the palate before fading to the zing of malted barley, burnt caramel, and charred oak. These fade into a long herbaceous and malty aftertaste.

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Category Burbon
Varietal Kentucky Straight Bourbon
Region USA
Brand Wilderness Trail