Dickel Tabasco Barrel Finish Whisky Hot Dickel 750ml


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Dickel Tabasco Barrel Whisky – For over a century, the legacy of two Southern brands, George Dickel and McIlhenny Co.’s TABASCO® Brand Pepper Sauce, have left their mark on the world .And their distinct tastes in the memories of people everywhere. These two iconic brands have come together in one bottle to create George Dickel Tabasco Brand Barrel Finish, or Hot Dickel for short.



The whisky is dark, golden amber in color with thin, glass-like legs. In the bottle it’s got a reddish tint, but I think that’s just a reflection from the red label. The branding is perfect: a red label, white letters, complete with a green cap make the whiskey look just like any bottle of Tabasco you’d find in your fridge.


Dickel corn and vanilla come first followed by Tabasco spice, vinegar and some sugary sweetness. There’s a heavy dose of maple syrup, charcoal, with notes of vinegar and a smoky peppery finish. Even when you play up the dichotomy of sweet and spicy smells, the whole thing still seems a bit underwhelming.


Weirdly sweet with lots of the Dickel corn and vanilla and the Tabasco is quite pronounced. Maple syrup and vanilla kick things off, along with a smooth, oaky body rounding out into a spicy, tabasco pepper finish. It’s a pretty classic sweet and spicy combo.


Med -> Dickel corn, vanilla, Tabasco spice and sugary sweetness.


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