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Cruzan Single Barrel Rum
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Cruzan Single Barrel Rum


Cruzan is a golden single barrel rum of some renown, having been made on St. Croix since the mid-eighteenth century. The rums used for the single barrel release – the distillery’s top-of-the-range offering – are aged up to twelve years and spend a year marrying in new oak after blending before each cask is bottled individually.

Distilled at St Croix in the US Virgin Islands, Cruzan is the only distillery on the island. This is made with rums aged for up to 12 years, which are blended and allowed to marry for a further year in new charred oak barrels. Then it’s bottled without blending. So yeah, it’s kinda sorta single barrel. In a way. It’s delicious though, and that’s what counts!

Cruzan Single Barrel Rum begins as an assortment of aged rums, distilled in column stills and ranging in vintage up to 12 years. After blending, the rum rests in a new oak barrel for an additional year before bottling. Each bottle of Cruzan Single Barrel rum is poured from only one barrel, which may increase color variance from batch to batch.

One of the most awarded aged rums on the market. A unique blend of vintage rums aged for up to 12 years and bottled one cask at a time. Cruzan® Single Barrel Rum features a balanced blend of caramel sweetness and oak with a warm buttery finish. Best enjoyed when sipped neat or on the rocks.


Simple and easy-going, with a beautifully fruity character, as well as buttery toffee and hazelnut. Not to mention the lovely vanilla notes!


 Subtle spices and burnt sugar, with notes of tingling oak, charcoal, molasses, and butterscotch. Develops with notes of marzipan and Nutella.


Cold coffee, caramel, and vanilla lattes, lovely finish.

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