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Bespoken Spirits Bourbon Whiskey 375 Ml
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Bespoken Spirits Bourbon Whiskey 375 Ml


Bespoken Spirits Bourbon Whiskey has developed technology to precisely tailor spirits for aroma, color, and taste in just days. We do this by re-imagining and replacing the antiquated, and wasteful barrel aging process with sustainable science and technology.

Bespoken’s proprietary ACTivation technology makes it possible to extract the key elements of the barrel that enhance aroma, color and taste (ACT) but with precision, control, and speed.

Bespoken Spirits Bourbon Whiskey color is a dark golden brown hue. Aromas of rich peanut brittle, black pepper, and savory vanilla dominate on entry, while caramel and roasted almonds invigorate the palate and bring it on home to a meaty finish. It is 47% ABV.

It comes from watching those same students crash and burn and have to be picked up to restart from scratch as they realize they have just set themselves back multiple steps in search of the easy way out. It comes from drinking whiskies, bourbons, and rums that are crafted, not out of passion and discipline, but through rushed processes that ultimately leave them void of depth and lacking in maturity.


Dried fruit such as prunes or raisins come up to the front. There is also a dark molasses note chased by a hint of orange peel.


There is a malty front accompanied by the taste of a mushy oatmeal raisin cookie and a hint of apple. The heat was more tolerable in this one. The back end was flavored with a bit of banana, oak, and an aftertaste of cinnamon.

Final Thoughts:  

As with the others, this one is not a drink I would gravitate towards on my own and mostly tastes young and rushed in its creation.

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