Bib & Tucker 12 Year Old Single Barrel Select Bourbon Whiskey 750ml


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Bib & Tucker 12 Year Old Single Barrel Select Bourbon Whiskey

To be alive in 1880s America was to know the taste of possibility and great bourbon. In that tradition we bring you Bib & Tucker 12-year-old Single Barrel Select. Patiently aged for the bourbon connoisseur, this is a limited offering of our carefully crafted 12-year-old bourbon, where long aging with Level 1 char oak has produced a stunningly smooth bourbon. Each barrel is being bottled individually at a warming yet rich 99 proof. Created to be collected and made to be loved, it is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy a historic bourbon at its finest.

In Bib & Tucker 12 Year Old Single Barrel Select Bourbon Whiskey, each barrel is bottled individually and will yield distinct nuances as no barrel is identical as they are truly aged by mother nature in the volatile climate of the hills of Tennessee. The extreme heat, humidity and cold environment lends to a creamier whiskey that allows every nuance of those 12 years to shine through without being covered by aggressive oak tannins and you can expect nice notes of toasted honey and that signature Bib & Tucker Chestnut like finish.

Aged for 12 years, this whiskey leads with the scent of vanilla along with fresh cut grass, wet stone and old leather-bound books. Limited edition and single barrel selected.

Bib & Tucker 12 Year Single Barrel Select is a sourced bourbon that was originally produced by 35 Maple Street Spirits but is now owned by Deutsch Family Wine and Spirits. This limited-edition whiskey was aged in Level 1 charred oak barrels in the hills of Tennessee.


The nose has a very earthy scent to it with notes of leather, barley, chestnut and grass. It smells on the young side with little evidence that it was aged for six years in a barrel.


Much like the nose, the palate has an earthy base to it. The palate has some hints of cinnamon, however it’s liquorice that stands out the most. Some rye spice rounds out the palate.


As is the overall norm with this bourbon, earthy notes of pine and grass with liquorice dominate. These notes stay with you for the entirety of the semi-dry, medium length finish.

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