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Father's Day 2022, Father’s Day 2022: Best Gift Collection from Sendgifts

Father’s Day 2022: Best Gift Collection from Sendgifts

The Father’s Day 2022 is approaching, so now it is the time to be his favorite kid. It’s hard to shop for the guy who has everything, but what about drinks related gifts? Apparently, many dads have a soft spot for alcoholic beverages. They simply cannot resist!

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In celebration of this incredible bond between dads and drinks, we have put together the perfect of Father’s Day gifts for the dads who simply love to sip.

Here is a list that will make this Father’s Day gift easier. Raise the bar with some of the great alcoholic drinks to make him feel special.

Patron XO Cafe is a high-quality tequila-based coffee liqueur. The tequila is made and blended entirely in Jalisco, Mexico, the best tequila region of the world. This is made with natural coffee essence, and is more like a coffee flavored tequila, than a liqueur, because it is not overtly sweet. The result is a far better product because of it, and the smaller amount of sugar results in a liqueur that can be used in cooking, and cocktails.

Product Details

Alcohol Content: 35%

Country: Mexico

Style: Coffee Liqueurs

Type: liqueurs

Size: 750 ml

Tasting Notes

Color: Dark, rich brown.

Aroma: Fresh coffee, chocolate, and vanilla.

Palate: Fresh roasted coffee with notes of chocolate & light tequila.

Finish: Smooth, yet dry.

It is excellent for sipping after dinner, as a premium cocktail ingredient, or as a unique and delicious dessert topping. It is delightful in Martinis or on vanilla ice cream.

Hennessy Pure White transcends the qualities of the white wines from which it is made. Cognac’s white grapes are sourced from the sunny region of Cognac. The Cognac double distillation accounts for its flowery aromas and powerful character. To enjoy the sheer aromas of Hennessy Pure White, let the bottle cool in ice for a while and drink it on the rocks in a tumbler or as a long drink. Because of its outstanding character, the smooth and flowery aromas will be fully brought out.

Product Details

Spirit Type: Cognac

Brand: Hennessy

Size: 700ml

Country: France

Tasting Notes

Eye: Light honey, radiant yellow glow.

Nose: Sensual flowery aromas, very gentle.

Taste: Fresh fruity hints and subtle flowery notes. Hennessy Pure White has a very delicate taste, with delightful complexities unfolding in the finish.

Finish: Extremely smooth in the mouth and throat. This Cognac will not give you a burning feeling at all. The finish is very long but light at the same time, unfolding a wonderful range of aromas.

Hugely popular Scottish liqueur made with whisky, honey, spices, almonds, and tangerines. Rather brilliantly, Glayva is now trademarked as the best liqueur in the world

The spirit is created from an exotic fusion of the finest aged Scotch malt whiskeys, a carefully selected range of spices, Mediterranean tangerines, cinnamon, almonds, and honey. Very distinctive and pleasant taste. Surprisingly smooth and sweet, with a hint of cinnamon and spices, it really tastes like nothing else!

Product Details

Brand: Glayva

Size: 500ml

Variety: International, Liqueur

Country: Scotland

Alcohol%: 35

Tasting Notes

Color: Amber is so complex and bright as to appear coppery.

Aroma: The warmth of whiskies on the nose, with mouth-watering notes of cinnamon, nuts, and tangerines, and an echo of beehives.

Taste: A gorgeously smooth melange of grain, spices, and citrus orchard. Any bitterness is beautifully balanced with sweetness. Honeyed, sophisticated, and comforting.

Winner of Best Hungarian Palinka in 2011, this Fruit Brandy is made from plums grown from the renowned besztercei orchards in Budapest.  Founded only in 2001, the Agardi Distillery rose quickly to prominence, thanks to the extraordinary skills of Master Distiller Tibor Vertes. It has a soft stone-fruit flavor that complements fresh floral notes and subtle marzipan with an almost airy character and a lingering, dried plum finish.

This Dry Brandy is versatile, best as either an aperitif or digestive. Enjoyed at room temperature.

Product Details

Producer: Agardi

Country: Hungary

Style: Brandy

Jewel of Russia is no shrinking violet of a vodka. It’s pure vodka joy is elevated to near perfection by the facts that it’s made from a blend of hearty Russian wheat and rye, it’s distilled five times, and it’s filtered five times.

The same incredible vodka as Jewel of Russia Ultra without the expensive hand painted bottle. Possibly the best vodka available at any price.

Only natural ingredients and ancient recipes are used in making the Jewel of Russia vodka. The brand’s top priority is to preserve the distinctive and authentic character of traditional Russian Vodka, while achieving the highest level of smoothness.

Product Details

Category: Vodka

Region: Russia

Brand: Jewel of Russia

Alcohol/vol: 40%

Proof: 80.00

Aguardiente Antioqueno over the years has become an integral part of Colombian culture. It is enhanced with extra fine alcohol, anisette natural essences and water of the best quality, which is cleaned through carbon filters. All these mixed ingredients create the unparalleled taste of the Aguardiente Antioqueno Sin Azucar.

Product Details

Country: Colombia

Type: Liqueurs

Size: 1ltr

Proof: 58

Tasting Notes

Aroma: Sweet, spicy, and alcoholic soft notes arrive, giving it a characteristically delicious and pleasant taste.

Flavor: Aniseed sweet and spicy tingling sensations high thermal alcohol balanced.

Aguardiente Antioqueno is served very cold and neat. It can be either consumed with water or mixed in countless cocktails.

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