Agardi Palinka Plum Fruit Brandy

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Agardi Palinka Plum Fruit Brandy

2011 Winner of the Best Hungarian Palinka, One of Our Most Popular Brandies for Fruit It is made from the plums of the renowned Besztercei Orchards. A soft stone-fruit flavor is complemented by fresh floral notes and a subtle Marzipan, with an almost airy character and lingering, dried the Plum Finish. This Dry Brandy Can Be Used in a Variety of Ways It is great as either an Aperitif, or a Digestive. Enjoy it at Room Temperature.

Agardi Palinka Plum Fruit Brandy is undoubtedly one of the most important and celebrated pálinkas of Hungarian gastronomy.

Palinka is the national fruit brandy of Hungary. Double-distilled and 100% natural, it is made from fruits native to and harvested from the fertile Carpathian Basin region of Europe. Founded only in 2001, the Agardi Distillery rose quickly to prominence, thanks to the extraordinary skills of Master Distiller Tibor Vertes. His plum palinka, made with plums from the renowned Besztercei orchards, was the 2011 winner of Best Hungarian Palinka; it has a soft stone-fruit flavor that complements fresh floral notes and subtle marzipan with an almost airy character and a lingering, dried plum finish

Agardi Palinka Plum Fruit Brandy, this elegant and original plum brandy distinguishes itself with a charming, soft and refreshing aroma.

Product Details:

  • Alcohol: 40%
  • Country: Hungary
Agardi Palinka Plum Fruit Brandy
Agardi Palinka Plum Fruit Brandy $112.00 $95.20
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