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Best Grappa, Best Grappa to Give a Gift

Best Grappa to Give a Gift

Grappa is an Italian grape-based pomace brandy of Italian origin that contains 35 to 60 percent alcohol by volume. Grape pomace which includes all the solid matter, i.e. the grape skins, pulp, seeds, and stems, remains after the juice is pressed out and fermented. Grappa has an alcoholic volume of 35 to 60 percent. A glass of grappa is an Italian after-dinner drink.

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Poli Sarpa Barrique Di Poli Grappa is a grappa aged in 225 liters French oak barrels. In its elegant simplicity it holds the whole history and passion for distilling of the Poli family.

Product Details:

Product type: Spirits

Type of spirit:    Grappa

Country: Italy

ABV: 40%

Size: 750ml


Tasting Notes

  • Poli Sarpa Barrique Di Poli Grappa 700ml

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Aged four years in oak casks. Bright pale gold color. Opening sniffs reveal scents of candle wax / crayon. These dissipate to reveal subtle notes of dried apple / apricot. Over several minutes, the aroma sweetens, with a hint of brown sugar emerging. Entry is light and silky. Mid palate builds in concentration, offering sweet stewed apricot and roasted nut flavors. Finishes dry with cocoa and vanilla followed by a light honey/ nougat fade.

A traditional beverage of northern Italy and is considered the oldest distilled all known. Its flavor varies like any other wine or liquor, which depends on the quality, condition, taste, and the type of grape used. Some opt to add a fruit syrup to sweeten and soften a bit, getting a drink of base typical Italian grappa but with a milder flavor.

This Grappa is comprised of 95% magliocco and gaglioppo, with 5% pinot grigio brought in for good measure.  Distilled twice on an alembic still, Caffo’s grappa is way less fiery than many would expect from the norm, especially for the price.  Enjoy on its own or mixed into cocktails needing that dried fruit and herbal touch.

  • Distilleria Caffo Grappa Italiana 750ml

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Product Details:

Category: Grappa

Region: Italy

Brand: Caffo

Alcohol/vol: 40%

Marolo Grappa is produced in the Italian region of Piedmont. Paolo Marolo founded MAROLO in 1977 and his son, Lorenzo Marolo, took over the company in 2014 and has been successfully running the family business ever since. The grapes for the production are obtained from the Langhe, Monferrato and Roero wine regions. These wine-growing areas are part of the UNESCO world heritage and are known worldwide for their beautiful landscape.

Product Details

Producer: Marolo

Country: Italy

Style: Grappa

Size: 200ml


Tasting Notes:

Color: Strong gold.

Nose: Soft, fruity, spicy.

  • Marolo 20 Year Old Grappa Di Barolo 200Ml

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Taste: Fruity, dried fruit, candied fruit, syrup, jam, citrus, pepper, liqueur, tobacco, cloves.

Finish: Long lasting.

Montenegrin grape brandy is made with a combination of two indigenous grape varieties Vranac and Kratosija. Specifics of both varieties come to the fore by aging in inox tanks at least a year. This brandy is colorless, with mildly developed aromas distinctive for Vranac and Kratosija, rounded taste and very drinkable. With a special selection of grapes, processing method and distillate blending, from year to year, this brandy is of high quality.

  • Montenegro Lozova Rakija Grappa 1L

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Product Details

Type: Spirits

Subtype: Brandy

Country: Montenegro

ABV: 47%

Size: 1L

It is recommended both before and after the meal and may be used for preparing cocktails, as well.

Made by infusing chamomile blossoms in Nebbiolo grappa. Its calming qualities also help digestion. A delectable sweet digestive created from a traditional recipe of the Langhe region.

This grappa is based on an old family recipe, used by S ignora Lodovina, and perfected by her grandson, Paolo Marolo. It clearly exudes the fresh aroma of chamomile tea with honeyed sweetness. The recipe is both very simple and very difficult, because it takes a master to balance the ingredients of this unique liqueur, the ORIGINAL chamomile liqueur. It is based on grappa from Nebbiolo grapes in which the chamomile flowers are left to macerate for 11 months, with the addition of sugar.

Product Details:

Type: Spirits

Country: Italy

Region: Piedmont

Sub-Region: Langhe

Liquor Type: Grappa

Size: 375ml

  • Marolo Milla Camomile Grappa 375ml

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Grappa of Amarone Barrique by Bonello is a truly unique sensorial experience created by the matchless combination of nature’s generosity with the multicentric experience of the Bonello’s master distillers.

It is distilled from 100% prestigious Amarone wine grapes marc which concentrates all the distinctive aromas of these unique native varieties of grapes.

  • Grappa Of Amarone Bonello Barrique Liqueur 750ml

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Grappa OF Amarone Barrique combines an exceptional aromatic richness with an unprecedented smoothness and balance: it will surprise even the most demanding connoisseurs.

Product Details:

Content: 42%

Type: Spirits

Subtype: Grappa

Country: Italy

Region: Veneto

Size: 750ml

The secret to distilling a great Grappa is simple: you just need fresh pomace and a hundred years of experience! Since 1898 the Poli family has been operating their artisanal grappa distillery located near Bassano del Grappa, in the heart of the Veneto. Today, fourth-generation Jacopo Poli has elevated grappa production to an art form. Selecting only the freshest grape pomace from some of the best winemakers in Italy, he uses a traditional copper pot still in operation for more than a century!

Product Details:

Brand: Jacopo Poli Sarpa

Category: Brandy

Proof: 80

ABV: 40%

Size: 700ml

Tasting Notes

Color: Clear.

Aroma: Fresh herbs, mint, rose, geranium.

Taste: Rustic, sincere, generous and virile.

  • Poli Grappa Sarpa Di Poli 750ml

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