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Summer Alcohols, Summer Alcohols: Beat the Heat with These Cool Drinks

Summer Alcohols: Beat the Heat with These Cool Drinks

When it’s summer, there’s nothing better than a chilled drink in hand! There’s a great variety of summer alcoholic drink that play on the flavors of the season: sweet watermelon, juicy peaches, bright berries and many more. Even better: icy summer drinks are the perfect way to beat the heat.

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Here are the best summer alcohols that you will enjoy this summer! These refreshing summer drinks will keep you cool all season long.

Preservation Distillery out of Bardstown, KY has been putting out some incredible barrels of whiskey. Very Olde St Nick (VOSN) was the very first brand to take quirky, odd lot barrels of whatever they could find that was good. It wasn’t long ago that no one really wanted old barrels of whiskey, besides the international market VOSN was now appealing to. The barrels of rye whiskey for this release were selected before the heat of the summer could get an even larger angles’ share.

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Product Details

Beverage type: Rye Whiskey

Product Origin: USA

Alcohol: 59.45%

Bottle size: 750ml

Bright shiny copper in color. The aroma is elegant with fine clean fruit notes of pears and apples but with a luxurious ripeness. The mouthfeel is vibrant and has lovely spiciness and a rich texture with fine tannins. It is livened up by nice acidity and a classic minerality and salinity. This dry rosé is very savory and has a long finish with creamy yeast and delicate chalk notes. This may be the most food-friendly Summer in a Bottle to date and is certainly the perfect summer wine!

Product Details

Region: New York

Producer: Wolffer

Type: Rose

Vintage: 2020

Alcohol: 12.5%

Varietal: Blend

Size: 750ML

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Food Pairing:

Serve chilled, solo or as a complement to almost any food. At cocktail parties, it will shine alongside hors d’oeuvres such as smoked salmon, lobster, shrimp, carpaccio, and soft cheeses. It can also complement main-course fish and pork dishes, and at Thanksgiving, it is perfect with turkey.

Summer Cup, a bottled drink popular throughout the United Kingdom, is the most made with a blend of Gin, Botanicals and Fortified Wine or Vermouth.

New Columbia makes its summer cup with Green Hat’s Navy Strength Gin, its White Vermouth, and additional Botanicals. The drink is best mixed with lemonade or ginger beer and garnished with a cucumber.

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Product Details

Type: Spirits

Subtype: Gin

Country: United States

Size: 750ml

Very Olde St Nick has long been a cult favorite. Initially bottled by Julian Van Winkle and subsequently by the Willett Family, VOSN now has its very own home in Bardstown – The Preservation Distillery. Of course, this old rye whiskey wasn’t distilled there, but drawn from the brands oldest stocks. The distillery is committed to producing whiskey the old way and sources its grains from local farms, mills on-site and always sour mashes. There’s no way of knowing just where this special old rye came from, but it’s widely considered one of the best bottles of rye coming out of Kentucky. How they’ve secured these great old ryes remains a mystery, but what’s not a secret is how quickly they’ll sell out. Don’t miss it.

Product Details

Brand: Very Olde St. Nick

Country: United States

State: Kentucky

Spirits Type: American Whiskey

Spirits Style: Rye Whiskey

ABV: 58.95%

Size: 750ML

Tasting Notes

Color: Golden Honey.

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Nose: It is full of robust flavors such as caramel, strawberries, vanilla, and sugar cookies. It is almost sugar-sweet, like if you were caramelizing and reducing strawberries in a pot. This is followed up by cherry and orange notes, both being on the sweeter rather than tart side.

Palate: The palate has a dry, medium-thick viscosity to it. Toasted dark caramel and spice bursts on the mid-palate, while managing to coat the entire rest of the palate. Dark, stewed fruits such as strawberries, cherries and raspberries are present on the mid and back palate, as well as freshly baked biscuits.

Finish: The finish is medium-long with lingering notes of biscuit, caramel and hints of rye spice. The mid and back palate are covered well, with not a whole lot of love for the front palate. Towards the end of the finish, those dark fruits start coming out on the back palate.

This limited edition of Daftmill 2009 is made from the barley variety Optic which was cultivated in the fields of the farm and harvested the last week of August 2006. The barley is then stored on the farm before being malted in Alloa in the summer of 2007. The first fill Oloroso Sherry butt and three ex-Bourbon barrels were chosen by Wine and Spirit Merchants Berry Bros & Rudd. It was distilled and filled in the first two weeks of August 2009, then bottled in 2020. 1,785 bottles were produced.

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Product Details

Brand: Daftmill

Region: Scotland

Spirits Type: Scotch Whisky

Spirits Style: Single Malt

ABV: 46%

Tasting Notes

Nose: Soft dried fruit sweetness, balanced by hints of lemon meringue pie, cigar box and cereal.

Palate: Caramelized nuts, cinnamon and cardamom spiciness, shortbread, subtly earthy barley leading into a touch of flinty mineral notes.

Finish: Pear drops, stem ginger, another helping of cinnamon and vanilla.

Inspired by the warm and lively feel of summertime, Todd Leopold conceived this citrus-forward and bright gin to be enjoyed throughout the season.

This gin draws on the warm climates from which its exceptional ingredients are harvested by hand: Spanish Blood Oranges for a rich sweetness, French Immortal Flowers and Juniper Berries for a cool and clean flavor, and Australian Lemon Myrtle for a fresh, citrus finish. Each ingredient is distilled individually to honor its distinctive flavors.

Product Description

Brand: Leopold

Country: United States

State: Colorado

Spirits Type: Gin

ABV: 47%

Size: 750ML

Taste: Aromatic, Citrus, Balanced

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