Stauning Kaos Triple Malt Whisky (750ml)


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Stauning Kaos Triple Malt Whisky

Everything Stauning does, in one bottle. A bit of smoke, a bit of spice, and a lot of complexity in a versatile Nordic whisky.

Stauning KAOS is a mashup made from the distillery’s three single malts: Stauning No-Smoke Single Malt, Stauning Malted Rye and Stauning Smoked Single Malt. Its produced from locally harvested barley and rye which is floor-malted at the distillery. The spirits is double-distilled in small, open-fired pot stills and unfiltered and not chill-filtered, then matured in heavy charred Virgin American Oak barrels and 1st fill, Makers Mark-cask.

Type: Blended Malt
Bottle size: 750mL
Distillery: Stauning Danish Whisky
ABV:: 46%
Region: Denmark

Tasting Notes

Aroma: cereals, chocolate, oak, caramel, cinnamon and bonfires.

Palate: smoked chocolate bar with a palate of nougat, caramel, liquorice, sweet apple and oak.

Finish: A long smokey aftertaste with vanilla, orange, tobacco, dried red fruit and more oak.

Stauning Kaos Triple Malt Whisky
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