Jeffersons Ocean: Aged At Sea CASK Strength Bourbon 750ml


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Jefferson’s Ocean: Aged at Sea – Inspired by the original Jefferson’s Ocean, which was new-filled bourbon barrels, the Jefferson’s Ocean: Aged at Sea takes older bourbon barrels and brings it around the world. Stopping in 5 different continents and crossing the equator 4 times, this bourbon truly is a world beater.

Kentucky- Jefferson’s Ocean Aged At Sea Cask Strength Bourbon has an aroma of cinnamon buns, orange zest, burnt sugar and marshmallow. Thick notes of salted caramel, figs and chocolate fudge dominate the palate, and lead to a playful finish accented by sweet mint.

Jefferson’s Ocean Aged at Sea, now bottled at 112 proof cask strength. Fully matured Kentucky bourbon was put it on a ship and sent around the world. It crossed the equator four times, stopped at over five different continents and truly is a bourbon of the world.

The four-year experiment revealed that temperature fluctuations, salt water air exposure, and constant motion of the ship created a unique flavor profile for the bourbon. Due to these conditions, Jefferson’s describes the results as a dark bourbon, with caramel flavors reminiscent of a dark rum, and a briny, savory flavor due to the salt-water air that resembles an Islay Scotch.

Appearance: In a glass, Jefferson’s Ocean appears a medium honey brown.

Nose: Since Jefferson’s sources bourbon, the mash bill is unknown. However, the nose for this particular batch lines up with rye grain recipe bourbon with strong floral notes that balance with salted caramel.

Palate: Further supporting my suspicion that this particular batch of Jefferson’s Ocean includes mostly rye grain mash bill bourbon, the front of the palate leads off with floral notes, citrus notes, and a light black pepper spice. In the mid palate, those flavors taper off and the bourbon sweetens with caramel driving most of the flavor.

Jefferson's Ocean
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Category Bourbon
Region United States, Kentucky
Brand Jefferson’s
Alcohol/vol 56%
Proof 112.00

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Weight 750 lbs