Dos Hombres Tobala Mezcal 750ml

$675.00 $573.75

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The bold notes in Dos Hombres Tobala Mezcal taste come from the Copal trees in the region which impregnate and perfume the soil where Tobala agaves are grown. Copal is a sacred tree which resin is used by people of the village to purify and bless the environment. Tobala agaves for this batch were carefully grown for almost 25 years, harvested and hand selected by our Maestro, Gregorio Velasco. Considered a sacred plant, each bottle of Tobala has hints of plums, chocolate and local lily flowers.

Dos Hombres Tobala Mezcal
Dos Hombres Tobala Mezcal 750ml $675.00 $573.75
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