Remy Martin Accord Royal 1738 750ml

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Remy Martin Accord Royal is a Cognac that celebrates the Louis XV’s decision to grant a young Rémy Martin the right to plant new vines on his land (banned in France at the time) with the Accord Royal in 1738. It’s said that the Cognac was enjoyed at the King’s court at the time, with Rémy having planted his first vineyard in 1724. This unique blend has been made with majesty very much in mind.

The label on this light caramel-brown liquid says it’s blended “for aromatic intensity.” Mission accomplished: The aromas are indeed intense, with sweet, high bursts of burnt caramel and orange peel, opening up to a slightly chocolaty fragrance. On the tongue, this one is a big, solid block of flavor, with lots of caramel from start to finish, adding some coffee and dark chocolate notes at the end. Despite the big-brute flavor, it has a mellow finish.

Tasting Notes Of Remy Martin Accord Royal


Ripe fruit and vanilla with a slightly herbal vinous note.


Rounded and balanced vanilla and dried fruits.


Pronounced, but not overpowering, oak finish.


Rémy with a little extra majestic gusto thrown in.

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Category Cognac
Region France, Cognac
Brand Remy Martin
Alcohol/vol 40%

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Weight 750 lbs

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