Cognac Park Cigar Blend Vfc Vieille Fine Champagne Cognac 750 Ml

$355.00 $301.75

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Cognac Park Cigar Blend by the Tessendier Family, has been around since 1880. I liked the entire line of Cognacs, with the sweet spot being the Borderies. All of these cognacs were excellent, and great values at every level of quality.

Cognac Park Cigar Blend VFC Vieille Fine Champagne is made from exceptional grapes thus resulting in a cognac of outstanding quality. Its deep opulent darker color glistening with blond hues is indicative of its complex yet balanced style.

Commencing with the combination of light and musky scents of honey, saffron, and gingerbread and tinted with fresh cranberries and vanilla, the palate of this full-bodied cognac complements its initial aromas by bringing the flavors together into a strong harmonious finish with subtle surprises concluding with a long aftertaste.

Cognac Park Cigar Blend "VFC" Vieille Fine Champagne Cognac 750 ml -
Cognac Park Cigar Blend Vfc Vieille Fine Champagne Cognac 750 Ml $355.00 $301.75
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