Wayward Bourbon Whiskey 750ml

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In 1789 bourbon whiskey was born on the western edge of the United States. Today Wayward Bourbon Whiskey takes a bit of that tradition farther west to the cliffs of the Pacific Ocean. This unruly spirit has forged its own path to become a truly bold American whiskey.

Wayward Bourbon Whiskey brings bourbon to the cliffs of the Pacific Ocean. Color is deep amber with a caramel nose. Flavors of caramel, corn, grain with a sweet, cherry wood finish. 92 Proof, 10 BBL wash, mash bill: organic corn 70%, organic wheat, organic malted barley. Distilled twice on a copper alembic still.

Venus Spirits will launch the second style of Wayward Whiskey, rye that has been aged for seven months in ten-gallon casks. Rye whiskey was once America’s favorite spirit but nearly disappeared after prohibition. Wayward Whiskey revels in its resurrection, creating rye that is defiant in both flavor and spirit.

The 60% rye mash bill is rounded out with organic corn, organic malted barley, and organic malted wheat. The spicy character is balanced with sweetness from the corn and grain notes from the malted barley and wheat. Like the single malt that was released in January, Wayward Rye is crafted from start to finish at Venus Spirits distillery, located just off the coast in Santa Cruz, CA. It is double distilled in a hand-pounded copper Alembic still and put into charred New American Oak barrels. This first batch of rye was allowed to rest in ten-gallon casks.

92 Proof
10 BBL wash
Mash bill: organic corn 70%, organic wheat, organic malted barley
Still Type: alembic
Distillation: double distillation
Color: deep amber
Nose: caramel
Palate: caramel, corn, grain
Finish: sweet, cherry wood

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