Jim Beam Bonded Bourbon Whiskey 100 Proof 750ml

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Jim Beam Bonded Bourbon adheres to the requirements of the Bottled in Bond Act of 1897, which includes a minimum of four years aging and a bottling at 100 proof. Jim Beam Bonded Bourbon was originally created for bartenders as a superior mixing whiskey with fuller body and flavor. We add less water to this bourbon, so it’s closer to barrel strength, resulting in an enhanced flavor that stands up to the most complex cocktails.


light maple.


On the nose charcoal, charred oak, Twizzlers, burnt matchstick and lots of butterscotch. Underneath the butterscotch is heavily buttered popcorn, with peppery spice as the backbone. Baked apple and cinnamon, and some mint wafting through. There’s a lightness to this as well with some balsamic and fennel riding a bit higher than the heavier corn / caramel notes. Water does little for the nose or palate, unfortunately. Lots of complexity and balance – the oaky straps are not too tightly bound on this one!


Surprisingly thin on the palate, but with a heavy charred oak character; also more mint, caramel and some cayenne heat. More vanilla on the palate than I got on the nose. Light brown sugar – but a lot of it, it is rather sweet. Tasty but becomes a bit cloying.


The finish is mostly corn, with the oak taking a back seat (a voyeur, if you will) with some bovril and leather eventually pulling up a chair. This is a decent, straightforward bourbon, with all the right notes but it doesn’t quite go the extra mile for me. Definitely a step up from the standard Jim Beam White Label though.

Jim Beam Bonded Bourbon Whiskey 100 Proof -
Jim Beam Bonded Bourbon Whiskey 100 Proof 750ml $113.00 $96.05
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