Fukano 2020 Limited Edition Bourbon (750ml)


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Fukano 2020 Limited Edition Bourbon

Japan- The Fukano 2020 Limited Edition is a combination of 3x refilled sherry casks, 2x refilled oak casks and 1x first fill red wine cask. Distilled from rice. Notes of Red Delicious apples & roses on the nose, with white tea, rose & honey on the palate. Finishes with toasted almonds and oak.

BRAND: Fukano
SPIRITS TYPE: Japanese Whisky
ABV: 40.6%

Tasting Notes

The bright copper whisky has complex aromas of coconut milk, toffee, and tropical fruit. These give way to a unique flavor with rice crispy treats, spices, fruits, and vanilla. Finishes satisfyingly long with lasting banana, coconut, and caramel notes.

Fukano 2020 Limited Edition Bourbon
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