Evan Williams Vintage Single Barrel Bourbon Whiskey 750ml

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Evan Williams Vintage Single Barrel Bourbon Whiskey

The 2008 Vintage of Evan Williams Single Barrel is between nine and ten years old (since each bottle of the bourbon is matured in a single cask rather than being blended together from a batch of casks, each bottle’s exact age varies). In addition, the barrels used in this release were matured on the top floor of Rickhouse Y in Bardstown, Kentucky. Since the top floor of the distillery’s warehouse is exposed to more heat than other floors, the bourbon and oak are forced to expand and contract as the temperature gradient changes.

Single barrel bourbon from the ever wonderful Evan Williams! This time the terrific whiskey was distilled back in 2012 and left to age until 2019, when it was bottled up at 43.3% ABV. Of course, there was no barrel blending here – each bottle is filled with bourbon drawn from just one cask. Fantastic stuff indeed.

Evan Williams Single Barrel is the only vintage dated single barrel Bourbon on the market. Similar to the way vintage wines are selected, our distillers hand-select individual barrels that meet the specifications they’ve established. Then each bottle is marked with the vintage date it was put into oak, along with the year it was bottled and the exact barrel number of the single barrel that the Bourbon was drawn from.

Since 1983, the master distiller for Heaven Hill has chosen select barrels for this single barrel series. Each bottle is dated with the vintage date of when the bourbon was distilled along with the year it was bottled. Additionally, each bottle bares a serial number of the barrel from which it was drawn. Bottled at 86.6 proof.


Toasted cedar and a little hint of red chilli flake, mellowed out by caramelised nuts and buttered corn.


Crunchy peanut butter on rye toast, popcorn, pepper and Bounty bars.


Pecan, woody spices and fried banana.

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