Distillery 291 Small Batch Colorado Bourbon Whiskey 750ml

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Our Colorado Bourbon is a one year, barrel-aged whiskey distilled in a copper pot still. Finished with charred, Colorado aspen staves. “…the honeycomb and molasses play their part, as does the rye amid the soft grains. Distillery 291 is a small batch whiskey distillery nestled in the stunning foothills of the Rocky Mountains. Located in Colorado Springs, the distillery sits in the shadows of Cheyenne Mountain and the majestic Pikes Peak which both serve as constant reminders of the founding vision of owner and distiller, Michael Myers, who aims to replicate the taste, smell and folklore of the Wild West — to make whiskey with the character of that unforgettable era.

All the way from Colorado comes Distillery 291’s Single Barrel Rye, which is made with a mashbill of 61% malted rye and 39% corn. Following distillation, the spirit is allowed to age in American white oak casks for a year and is finished with aspen staves before being bottled. It’s excellent stuff, and has received accolades which confirm that, including the World’s Best Rye at the World Whiskies Awards 2018.

Distillery 291 is a small batch distillery based out of Colorado Springs, Colorado. They make two aged whiskies, two unaged whiskies, a citrus clove whiskey liqueur, and a bourbon. 291 has been around about three years, first in a 339-square-foot spot, and now in the expansive former home of the town’s Bristol Brewing Company.


The nose has caramel, vanilla, and dark chocolate, as well as fruity notes of pears and apples. A dose of spice rounds it off with a gentle whiff of baking spices.


It’s rich and slightly earthy with notes of cinnamon, vanilla, mint, and some cocoa to boot.


Jammy strawberry, dried cedar with a subtle whiff of smoke.

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Distillery 291 Small Batch Colorado Bourbon Whiskey 750ml $165.00 $140.25
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