Laberdolive Vintage 1976 Bas Armagnac Domaine De Jaurrey 750ml

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The Laberdolive Vintage 1976 Armagnacs are hand made, vintage dated single-vineyard expressions of what a brandy should be.  I’ve told you the stories before: the legend goes that Nikita Khruschev once diverted his elaborate and heavily-guarded entourage to visit the distillery to acquire a bottle; and French President Jacques Chirac brought along a Laberdolive 1972 to toast on a state visit to China. These bottles are in all the top restaurants in Europe; David Ridgway, chef-sommelier at La Tour d’Argent in Paris, said that Laberdolive is “considered for a long time to be the benchmark of Armagnac.

A 1976 grand-cru Bas Armagnac bottled in September 2016 at 44% by négociants Laberdolive from grapes grown at Domaine de Jaurrey.

Single vintage Bas Armagnac from Laberdolive, distilled all the way back in 1976. The eaux-de-vie for this release came from Domaine de Jaurrey and was matured until 2016, when it was bottled at 44%.

Laberdolive Vintage 1976 Bas Armagnac Domaine de Jaurrey -
Laberdolive Vintage 1976 Bas Armagnac Domaine De Jaurrey 750ml $925.00 $786.25
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