Cyrano 50 Year Old Armagnac 750ml

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Made from the finest Folle Blanche, Baco, Colombard, and Ugni Blanc grapes harvested in Ténarèze and Bas Armagnac regions, distilled in a single column “alambic” in one uninterrupted flow, this Cyrano 50 Year Old armagnac ages 50 Years in Limousin oak barrels where time casts its final spell.

For crafting this delicate blend, our Maitre de Chai has selected several armagnacs between 50 to 60 years old. The younger lending the fruited aroma, the older confering elegance and the « rancio » of long aging.

Cyrano 50 Year Old is very long aging produced a lot of gustatory and aromatic richness with a very delicate complexity on the palate followed by a subtle finish.

This fantastic elixir will make drinkers feel obliged to smell for a long time and sip in small doses, while discovering an aromatic complexity that is rarely found in any spirit.


Beckons with hearth full of black cherry, honey, French vanilla, custard, nutmeg, cinnamon baked apple and endless baking spices.


The palate is romanced by cacao-intense chocolate, browned butter, toasted walnut, crème de banane, dried fig and burnt demerara sugar.


A polished, silky smooth texture envelopes the palate, eventually giving way to a graceful finish, befitting of its character and maturity.

Cyrano 50 Year Old Armagnac -
Cyrano 50 Year Old Armagnac 750ml $1,025.00 $871.25
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