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Sendgifts Where Everything Tastes Better!

Online shopping has enabled consumers to order their favourite products with the touch of a button. Over the years, platforms such as Sendgifts have waded into the door-to-door alcohol delivery business. Sendgifts is a leading alcohol delivery service in United States that offers the most convenient way for shoppers to buy a favourite bottle online.

Our Online alcohol delivery service is ideal for anyone having a small gathering or corporate event. When it comes to online shopping for alcoholic beverages, customers are looking for the utmost convenience and fast delivery. Sendgifts Provides fast delivery service of alcohol next to your door.

More, alcohol delivery services have introduced late night alcohol delivery as they aim to satisfy consumer demand, and provide more flexible delivery options for shoppers

Trimbach’s Poire William is extremely pure and clear with aromas of lush ripe pears with hints of cinnamon and cardamom.

After crushing the fruit, fermentation begins at temperature control between 22º and 25º followed by distillation in copper alembics at a minimum temperature of 60º. The aroma and the taste of the original fruit is extracted and conserved during the distillation process using steam heated stills. Distillation is a single continuous process with the elimination of the initial “head” and final “tail” distillate in order to keep only the best of the distillation called the “heart.” Poire William undergoes ageing in stainless steel for a minimum of 16 months.

Producer: Trimbach

Content: 43%

Type: Spirits

Subtype: Brandy

Country: France

Region: Alsace

Crisp and clean, pure fruit pear flavours with a long finish.

Serve well-chilled from the refrigerator or freezer. Often. Can be used as a flavoured base for mixed drinks, such as a spicy martini.

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The Serbian Vinjak in the region Krusevac with old wine-making traditions, known since the Roman epoch. Here they produce the best Serbian wines, also a spirit drink called for a long time “Cognac”. Thus, after the protection of French producers called “Vinjak”. The most famous sort is “Rubin”, a dry drink of brown color. Vinjak Vs is consumed as an aperitif during eating.

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Region: Serbia

Producer: Rubin

Class of brandy: VS

Brandy type: Grape Brandy

Strength: 40%

Volume: 1 L

Exposure: more than 2 years

Aging type: Barrel aging

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