The Zwack Plum Unicum is the standard Zwack Unicum recipe aged for six months in oak casks on a bed of dried plums. As far as I know, it’s the first barrel-aged herbal liqueur (not vermouth) on the market (I might be wrong about that) and it’s totally decadent. I’ve had a tough time deciding which one to drink at night. I should probably just drink both of them because they’re just too delicious.

“This is a UNICUM!” Cried the Habsburg Emperor Joseph II in 1790 when his court physician Dr. Zwack, the inventor of this drink, offered Unicum for the first time. In this way, this product got its present name.

The Unicum is a bitter herbal liqueur, which is made from more than 40 different medicinal plants. Since 1790, the Zwack family has kept the secret of its manufacture very carefully. The liqueur consists exclusively of natural ingredients and matures in oak barrels for a long time. This is why he gains the harmony of his world of taste, so his inimitable, pleasantly bitter-sweet taste and exotic flavor come out. It has an alcohol content of 40 vol.%.

In Hungary Unicum has been the most popular specialty spirits for 200 years. Many Hungarian travelers have appreciated it and enjoy it as a very pleasant digestive. Also as an aperitif and as a component of different cocktails is Unicum very popular. Also available is the extremely rare 5-liter large bottle incl. Pouring can and a 0.7l bottle.


blackberry, plum jam, bay leaves, juniper, clove, mint and cocoa, toast feelings of snuff and leather.


powerful, important and precise, soft and comfortable taste, dry finish, firm, balsamic notes.



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Take Unicum and age it instead for six months in oak casks on a bed of dried plums (huge in Hungary) and you have Unicum Plum. The nose isn’t immediately distinguishable from Unicum, licorice, and spice notes. The body is instantly familiar but brings more fruit to the table — a Port-like prune character that helps to balance out some of Unicum’s overwhelming bitterness. If you’re looking for something somewhere in between Unicum and Zwack on the bitter to sweet spectrum, Unicum Plum may fit the bill, though I find the bitter Unicum more exciting. Note the lower alcohol level. 70 proof.

Category    Liquor
Varietal    Zwack
Region   California
Brand Zwack Unicum Plum