Whistlepig The Boss Hog 6Th Edition The Samurai Scientist 2019 750ml
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Whistlepig The Boss Hog 6Th Edition The Samurai Scientist 2019 750ml


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A single barrel, barrel proof, 13.5 year, 100% rye mash bill release comprised of 50 total barrels is very unique on paper. But how about the taste? My experience with  standard offering had me anticipating something quite unique when it came to taste.

Instead, my bottle offered a more mainstream flavor profile than I expected. In fact, the polarizing rye pop found in the standard  finish was not present in this offering. I even tried proofing it down and could not achieve the same result. Aside from lacking that intensely unique rye pop in the finish, it’s still not quite like anything else I’ve tasted or have on my shelf… and I mean this in a good way.

Intensely aromatic nose, with cinnamon, maple, and toasted marshmallow that develops with time in the glass. Tobacco, ginger, baking spices, and savory umami creating a remarkably rich, nuanced and elegant profile lending to soft, sweet notes that further color the mosaic of flavor. Incredibly long finish, with oak spice, char, and just a touch of smoke lingers as the finish fades.

WhistlePig The Boss Hog is the second “The Boss Hog” released by WhistlePig, the first was in 2013. According to the company, this year’s release has been selected from their oldest and most unique barrels – Bond 77. Bond 77 entered wood on April 5, 2001 and was part of a quadruple barrel aging process, including a combination of new American oak and early use bourbon barrels. This is a single barrel offering comprised of 50 barrels which were hand-selected and bottled at cask strength ranging from 117 – 124 proof. WhistlePig The Boss Hog reviewed is from barrel 38, has a handwritten 13 year age statement, and was bottled at 119.5 proof.

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Bright and lively. It’s definitely got rye spice on the nose, but less alcohol intensity than the proof would suggest. There’s a hint of anise along with something else… tobacco maybe. It’s faint but it’s there.


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This unique bottle WhistlePig The Boss Hog is straight rye whiskey finished in umeshu  barrels, bottled at an extraordinarily high proof. Don’t even bother without adding water. But when you hit the right dilution level, drying plum skin gives way to vanilla, cocoa fruit and gentle spice, finishing drying and grippy.

Category Rye
Region United States, Vermont
Brand WhistlePig
Alcohol/vol 60.8%

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Weight 750 lbs