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W. L. Weller Kentucky Straight Wheated Bourbon 12 Year Old

W. L. Weller Kentucky Straight Wheated Bourbon 12 Year Old


The name “Weller” has been around the horn a few times. It all started with the Stitzel-Weller Distilling Company — founded in 1935 and closed in 1972 during the famous “Whiskey Recession.” They had a bunch of great brands when they closed, and the formulas and brands were sold off. Today, the Weller Kentucky Straight Wheated brand is owned by Sazerac out of New Orleans and the Bourbons are distilled at their famous Buffalo Trace Distillery along with a wide array of Sazerac products.

How would you like to get your hands on a Bourbon with the same mash bill and aging profile as Pappy Van Winkle Lot B? W.L. Weller 12-Year-Old Kentucky Straight Wheated Bourbon is that dram.

Now, there are other differences, of course, we’re not saying that this twelve-year-old Weller at 45% ABV is as good as Pappy. What we are saying is that this fine Bourbon is Really good, an exceptional value, And you can get your hands on a bottle and you should. Think of it as a “Poor Man’s Pappy.”

As part of the wheated bourbon family, this twelve-year-old W.L. Weller is aged far longer than most wheated bourbons. This offering is a smooth, easy-going, and balanced bourbon with a beautiful deep bronze color.


The nose and flavor profile shows notes such as vanilla, orange peel, and chocolate all loaded up with warming baking spices.


The proof helps to tighten up the whiskey and is less cloying as a result. Is pecan maple syrup a thing? Because if it is not, it should be. This whiskey seems to show this in spades. The whiskey warms in your throat and belly, so the only thing missing really is a fresh plate of flapjacks.


When sipped neat, the finish is long and downright elegant with a nice warmth of heavy oak and sweetness.

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Category Burbon
Varietal Kentucky Straight Wheated Bourbon
Region USA
Brand W.L. Weller