Vecchia Romagna Brandy
Vecchia Romagna Brandy 750ml
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Vecchia Romagna Brandy 750ml


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Vecchia Romagna Brandy

A bottle of the famous Italian grape brandy Vecchia Romagna – one of Italy’s best-selling spirits and a historic brand that’s been around for a very long time. Vecchia Romagna Brandy is distilled from the Trebbiano grape, known as Ugni Blanc in France – where it is the base grape for almost all of the world’s best Cognacs.

Expect aromas of dried apricot, vanilla, and honey with light spiciness of cinnamon. On the palate, it is complex with pronounced clove, coffee and honey lingering on the enduring, smooth finish.

Alcohol/vol: 40%
Made in: Italy

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Category Brandy
Region Italy, Brandy
Brand Vecchia
Alcohol/vol 40%