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Stranahan’S Colorado Whiskey
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Stranahan’S Colorado Whiskey


Typically when a distiller bottles his whiskey, several hundred or even several thousand barrels are combined for a staunchly uniform taste. And the way we see it, we want you to be able to trust what’s in the bottle, without sacrificing character. A very unusual whiskey from the US – Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey Straight Whiskey is the first (legal) whiskey to be made in the Rocky Mountains from malted barley in a bizarre pot/column still combo. The cool wraparound labels are signed by the distiller, known only as Jake.

So each week we produce about 5 minutes worth of production made at some of the mass producing distilleries. We select ten to twenty of our choicest barrels and combine them for a small batch with a reliable, yet distinctive flavor unique to Stranahan’s colorado whiskey.

Full-bodied as the fire that bore it, Stranahans whiskey glowed amber from the start. Stranahan’s is It is handmade in small batches from malted barley, aged for a minimum of two years in new American white oak barrels, then cut to proof with Rocky Mountain Spring Water.

The brainchild of Jess Graber and George Stranahan after a barn fire on Stranahan’s property this 4 barley whiskey was the first to be micro-distilled in Colorado. Jess still works with the brand and George has since moved his Flying Dog Brewery to Maryland. This American Single Malt is made from 100% barley, which for this category is not yet required.

Appearance / Color:


Smell / Nose / Aroma:

The strong and rich aroma of pepper, spices, roasted nuts, and ripe citrus fruits.

Flavor / Taste / Palate:

Hints of caramel, honey, tobacco, and maple syrup with a leather-like taste.


A strong and audacious finish just like it should be for such young and fierce Whiskeys in the mix.

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