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Stolichnaya Ohranj Vodka

Stolichnaya Ohranj Vodka


Stolichnaya Ohranj Vodka has a light and floral aroma of orange zest and essential oils, the more toppy scents of orange blossom balanced by richer elements of orange liqueur and marmalade. Stoli Ohranj has orange cream on its palate, hints of dark chocolate and more varied flavors of tangerine, mandarin and kumquat. The medium bodied Stolichnaya orange flavored vodka offers citrus, tangerine, minerals, nut oil; smooth, a luxurious mouthfeel; carries a nice stony backnote.

All Stoli flavors use an infusion process to give them the smooth distinct character of Stolichnaya with natural flavor before the final filtration. Many other vodkas add artificial flavorings or sugar syrup to their existing vodka. Stoli flavored vodkas are a harmonious marriage of spirit and flavor, one that is uniquely Stoli. Ohranj is an orange flavoured Russian vodka from Stolichnaya, made with wheat and glacial water.

Stolichnaya Ohranj is an authentic orange flavoured Russian vodka made from wheat and clear glacial water that is married to the essence and rind of fresh oranges. Stolichnaya Ohranj’s aromatic flavour blossoms when served ice cold, on the rocks, with tonic or soda. Experience a fresher screwdriver with Stolichnaya Ohranj and fresh squeezed orange juice over ice.

Brand Stolichnaya
Flavour Orange
Alcohol Content 37.5 Percent by Volume
Alcohol Type Vodka
Liquid Volume 0.7 Litres


Tasting Notes Of  Stolichnaya Ohranj Vodka


Crystal clear.


Naval orange zest and white pepper.


Initially subtle, opens up with ripe, zesty orange and Opal Fruit flavours. Light sweetness is balanced by cracked black pepper.


Zesty orange and cracked black pepper.

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