St. George All Purpose Vodka -
St. George All Purpose Vodka 750 ml
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St. George All Purpose Vodka 750 ml


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The name says it all! St George All Purpose Vodka is the perfect building block for your favorite vodka cocktails.

Bartlett pears (yes, pears) are the secret here. Why? Thirty-five years of distilling Bartlett pears has shown just what this gorgeous fruit is capable of—especially when put through the St George Holstein stills.

Using the same flavorful and aromatic pears here as in their flagship pear brandy makes perfect sense, delivering a spirit with no overt pear flavor but with substantial body and subtle floral notes—and creating a vodka that is uniquely St. George.

The All Purpose Vodka is perfect for all vodka cocktails. A blend of a non-GMO Corn spirit and our flagship Pear brandy distilled to 95.1% ABV. “”Like no other vodka bouquet I know of and far better than the majority.

The St George All Purpose Spirits chaps out in California, USA, have only gone and made their own vodka! As the name suggests, this is a perfect spirit to build any number of cocktails around. To make it, St. George use their pear brandy, distilled to a very high strength, and blend it with a non-GMO base spirit. They then filter it to remove visible impurities before bottling it at 40% ABV. Quality stuff from St. George.


Light floral touches at first, with hints of unripe pear and fresh vanilla pod.


Well rounded mouth feel, quite refreshing. The pear element is clear but not in your face.


Mineral-y and very subtly sweet on the finish.

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