Sonoma County Distilling Black Truffle Rye Whiskey 375 ML -
Sonoma County Distilling Black Truffle Rye Whiskey 375 Ml

Sonoma County Distilling Black Truffle Rye Whiskey 375 Ml


Sonoma County Distilling’s rye whiskey is distilled from 100% rye. This very limited edition is infused with black Perigord truffles prior to release in 375 ml bottles at 100-proof. Only thirty cases of this first batch are available for sale.

Sonoma County Distilling is a grain-to-glass distillery in, you guessed it. California’s wine-centric famous Sonoma County. They use a direct-fire alembic pot still to create their diverse line of whiskeys. An unusual move that poses some special production challenges. In addition to the obvious dangers posed by open flame + alcohol. Direct-fire equipment gets very hot and attracts the attention of the local fire department like moths to a flame.

It’s worth it, according to the distillers, for the unique flavor, it imparts to the spirit. In a recent article in Artisan Distiller, owner Adam Spiegal says “we want to be able to have that little bit of burn, the caramelization. It’s flavor development.”


Medium to dark amber                     


A lush, slightly damp nose of earth, wet green herbs, and young wood. That pungent truffle funk is present, but not overpowering, alongside warm, dusty spices like cinnamon and clove. Swirling the glass-like its wine kicks up a more piercing fungus aroma.


Rye brings the spice – black pepper, cinnamon, allspice but there’s definitely something on the earthy side lurking just beneath the surface, with strong notes of mushroom, leather, and bitter aromatic herbs. Sweetness is present but unobtrusive, like one of the more complicated honey. The finish kind of vibrates back and forth between black truffle and rye, first funky, then spicy, finally settling on spice at the exit.

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