Smooth Ambler Contradiction Straight Bourbon -
Smooth Ambler Contradiction Straight Bourbon

Smooth Ambler Contradiction Straight Bourbon


Contradiction Blends Two Smooth Ambler Contradiction Whiskeys. One Is A ‘Wheater’, Or Wheated Bourbon And The Other Is A Bourbon Made With Rye. We Are Very Proud Of Our Knack For Bringing You Great Spirits We Hand-Make And Excellent Spirits We Hand-Select; Contradiction Is The Opportunity To Enjoy In A Single Sip, The Convergence Of Those Two Very Different Efforts.

This batch of Contradiction is a blend of straight bourbons containing 27% of a 2-year-old wheated bourbon made in-house at the Smooth Ambler distillery, along with 73% of a 9-year-old rye-based bourbon sourced from MGP in Indiana. For Contradiction, the bourbons are blended and then re-casked in their original barrels for an additional three months.


The older rye-based bourbon does a nice job of covering up the contents of the younger wheated bourbon as the nose offers a little hint that young distillate is present. Instead, hints of sweet wheat, rye spice, baking spices, green apples, dried fruit, and young wood are present.


The youthful wheat component of the bourbon pops out on the first sip. New oak, corn, bubble gum, hints of dark chocolate, and slight amounts of vanilla and honey are present along with a healthy dose of rye spice. Less sweet than the nose and much spicier, the flavor combination seems like it would work great, but in reality, the palate comes across as nothing more than ho-hum.


Spicy up front and dry in the back, the finish tastes like a twist on a version of your typical MGP rye-based bourbon. Heavy rye spice, charred oak, and light vanilla all make an immediate appearance. This is followed by leather and a lot of aged oak to cap it off.

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Category Burbon
Varietal Straight Bourbon
Region USA
Brand Smooth Ambler