Pussers Rum

Today’s Pusser’s Rum, Known As “The Single Malt Of Rum” Is Still Produced In Exact Accordance With The Admiralty’s Specifications For Rum. Unlike Most Rums, Pusser’s Uses No Flavoring Agents. It Is 100% Natural.

Charles Tobias Continues Today As CEO Of Pusser’s And Its Legendary Rum, Which Is Said By Experts And Epicureans Alike To Be Rich And Full-Bodied, With An Unsurpassed Smoothness Due To Its Natural Ingredients. Pusser’s Costs A Little More Because It Is More Expensive To Produce. It Is Predominantly A “Pot-Stilled” Rum. The Distillation Process Is Similar To That Used For Single Malt Scotches, Which Produces Greatly Enhanced Flavor. Served Neat Or On The Rocks, Or Mixed In A Famous Caribbean Inspired Recipe–Such As The Pusser’s Painkiller®—You Will Enjoy The Full And Natural Flavor Of Pusser’s Rum – And Will Really Discern The Big Difference Between Pusser’s And All Other Rums!

-From The Producer

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