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Purity Estate 17 Reserve Vodka 750ml
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Purity Estate 17 Reserve Vodka 750ml


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Purity Estate 17 Vodka’s Distillery is located on the Ellinge Castle estate in Sweden. The brand makes a variety of certified organic vodkas (as well as gin) with varying numbers of distillations. Each of the vodkas is made with both malted barley and Swedish winter wheat.

Purity Estate 17 Vodka is a versatile and full-bodied ultra-premium vodka, and is the perfect partner for making unforgettable cocktails. Distilled 17 times, it is smooth enough to enjoy neat but really shines when blended with other distinguished ingredients. Try it and you’ll see, perfection loves company.

Purity Vodka is one of the few vodkas in the world that can boast a ‘Certified Organic’ classification. What that means is that our main ingredients – Swedish wheat and malted barley – are carefully selected without any chemical cultivation or processing.

The mash is run through the copper still system consisting of a 600-liter pot still connected to two column stills, each with 8 plates. For this Super 17 Premium, it is run through one time with each plate considered a distillation. This heart is collected and blended with column-distilled organic wheat spirit. It’s proofed to 40% ABV with mineral-rich Swedish water and deionized water.

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Category Vodka
Region Sweden
Brand Purity
Alcohol/vol 40%
Proof 80.00

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Weight 750 lbs