Plantation Xo Rum Barbados Single Cask 700ml

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Plantation Xo Rum Barbados rums are limited releases of double-aged Haute Couture rums. All Plantation rums mature in a two-stage ageing process, beginning in the tropics where they age in bourbon casks, and then at the Château de Bonbonnet in France to mature in Ferrand barrels. Plantation Single Cask rums then benefit from further maturation in carefully selected beer, wine or spirit casks, each selected to enhance the rum’s unique characteristics. Every Single Cask rum takes its own ageing path to greatness, and each bottle is personalized and numbered.

  • Alexandre Gabriel is the president and owner of Maison Ferrand and was also the originator of their rum line (Plantation).
  • Plantation tend to age spirit in the tropics before returning it to France for cask finishing. They often incorporate some interesting finishes like Cognac casks.
  • For Plantation, Alexandre spends several months of the year in the Caribbean sourcing rum from local producers to be sold under the Plantation label.

Tasting Notes Of Plantation Xo Rum Barbados

Nose :

Spicy and pastry-like, it starts with cinnamon, coffee, vanilla, roasted coconut, banana and pepper. It then evolves to orange peel and honeysuckle.

Palate :

Very nutty, it blends nutmeg, almond and milk chocolate, followed by mango and caraway.

Tropical Ageing : several years in Bourbon casks
Continental Ageing : 1 year in Ferrand casks

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