Plantation Xo Rum Barbados 20th Anniversary -
Plantation Xo Rum Barbados 20Th Anniversary 750ml
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Plantation Xo Rum Barbados 20Th Anniversary 750ml


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Plantation Xo Rum Barbados 20th is a superb-looking decanter bottle of XO rum from Barbados, aged in bourbon barrels before being shipped to France for a secondary maturation in Cognac casks from the Ferrand house. The result is a well balanced rum with a remarkably long finish, with a palate of chocolate, banana, coconut and mango. Now this is some very good stuff.

Plantation Xo Rums are a collection of unique Caribbean treasures. Every barrel is individually sampled and only those that are of exceptional quality, showing traditional characteristics of the area of production, are selected to bear the Plantation name. Freshly cut sugar cane from the various plantations are pressed to extract the sugar crystals, and the juice is slowly heated to become molasses which can then be fermented.

Plantation XO 20th Anniversary rum is a combination of pot-stilled and column-stilled Barbadian rums that are initially aged in the Caribbean in ex-bourbon casks for 12-20 years. They are then transported to France for a second 12-18 months aging in small French oak casks.

Brand Plantation
Flavour Coconut, Orange, Banana
Alcohol Content 40 Percent by Volume
Alcohol Type Dark
Liquid Volume 700 Millilitres

Tasting Notes Of Plantation Rum Barbados 20th


Hints of spicy oak on the nose, with guava, a little desiccated coconut and dried banana. Buttery.


Spiced, creamy palate entry, with sweet vanilla notes and caramel. Oaky spices.


Caramel. Toasted oak.

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