Pierde Almas Mezcal Joven Espadin 750ml

$165.00 $132.00

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Pierde Almas Mezcal Maestro Mezcalero, Gregorio Velasco Luis. Made from the noble Agave Espadín or Angustifolia Haw (scientific name). Maturation takes from 8 to 10 years. This beautiful elixir is produced in San Luis del Rio with a range of 48% and 51% ABV (this lot is 49% ABV) depending on the conditions specific to each lot. The bouquet contains a bit of smoke, touches of pepper, hints of chocolate and savory spices. Long silky finish with a velvety coating that last forever in your mouth.

Pierde Almas Mezcal Joven Espadin
Pierde Almas Mezcal Joven Espadin 750ml $165.00 $132.00
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