Peerless Barrel Proof Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey 200 ML -
Peerless Barrel Proof Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey 200 ML

Peerless Barrel Proof Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey 200 ML


While the British Bourbon Society may have ‘Bourbon’ in its name, that doesn’t preclude its members from enjoying some stunning rye whiskey – and this here is a Peerless Barrel Proof bottled specially for the BBS bunch! This expression was given the nickname Modjeska, after a type of confectionery first created in Louisville, Kentucky. It’s made by dipping marshmallow in caramel. Which sounds amazing indeed – and you may just find a few notes of said sweetie in the stunning spirit!

Delivering a buttery mouthfeel with toasted rye and baking spice notes, Peerless Barrel Proof is the only craft producer on our list. It’s hard to pinpoint why this young rye succeeds where others fail, but one point of difference is the use of sweet mash fermentation, rather than the much more common sour mash technique, where spent mash is added to the new fermentation. Furthermore, the Peerless warehouse achieves temperatures upward of 110 degrees. Whatever the technical reasons, Peerless is paving the way and we expect more craft distillers to join them.




The nose smells youthful but still flavorful. Fresh oak, banana, and corn lead the way. Behind this are slight hints of vanilla, rye, pine, and anise. These are mixed with an ever-present hint of ethanol throughout. Overall the nose isn’t a standout, yet it’s still a pleasant introduction.



Sweet and spicy flavors all wrapped into one. The rye initially hits your lips with a sweeter flavor profile before exploding into a spicy blast as it envelops your mouth. Brown sugar and vanilla are followed by a mixture of rye spice, oak, pepper, and a touch of peaches. Heat is a constant factor throughout the palate, however, it isn’t overbearing and if anything, it helps to enhance the flavors and even slightly hides the rye’s youthfulness. Surprisingly it doesn’t taste like rye that’s only been in the barrel for 24 months, however, it also doesn’t punch much above that age range either.



Corn and oak lead the way followed by dabs of leather, rye grain, and vanilla. The finish is slightly dry and ever so tannic. Lingering hints of new oak and dashes of smoke stay present long after the sip ends.



Good balance, full-body and starts oily but fades out dry.

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