Panama Pacific Rum 9 Year Old 750ml

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Panama Pacific Rum is the brainchild of San Francisco-based Haas Brothers, an importer, marketer, and merchant of distilled spirits since 1851. Estate-grown sugarcane is harvested from the renowned Panameño growing region of La Provincia de Herrera, then small batches of molasses are fermented using special proprietary yeast strains. The mash is distilled in an antique Coffey copper column-still and rested in American oak casks.

Aromas of bitter vanilla and creamy, toasted muscovado sugar, big butter and wood, almost a creme brûlée, with juicy fruit and coconut banana cherry/almond subtleties. The palate opens with a delicate sweet butter and caramel entry before a bright warmth in mid-palate leads to rich wood, a little more cherry/almond, then cocoa nibs after mid-palate. Delicious dessert notes fade into the wood in the finish.

A Spanish-style molasses-derived rum made at the Ingenio San Carlos distillery in Panama. Distilled in Coffey copper column still to a slightly lower proof than is normal, creating a richer, fuller flavor and character. The Panama Pacific Rum is rested in Kentucky bourbon casks initially for three years. Samples of that young rum are then carefully reviewed to determine integrity for a potentially longer aging regimen.

Those rum selections deemed worthy of an extended maturation are then transferred into exhausted Tennessee whiskey barrels, whose oak flavors are more depleted, for a gentle imparting of vanilla, caramel, and butterscotch notes without over-dominating our balanced cane and molasses essence.

Testing Notes:

The nose offers tropical fruit with notes of banana, orange peel, vanilla, and molasses. More vanilla and molasses on the robust palate, with notes of caramel and butterscotch, as well as subtle oak and a hint of hogo. The warm finish lingers with vanilla, molasses, allspice, and a touch of bittersweet chocolate.

Panama Pacific Rum 9 year old -
Panama Pacific Rum 9 Year Old 750ml $90.98 $72.78
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Category Rum
Region Panama
Brand Panama Pacific
Alcohol/vol 47.3%
Proof 95.00

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Weight 750 lbs