Pampero Aniversario Ron Extra
Pampero Aniversario Ron Extra Anejo Riserva Exclusiva Rum 750ml
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Pampero Aniversario Ron Extra Anejo Riserva Exclusiva Rum 750ml

$101.00 $90.90

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Pampero Aniversario Ron Extra Anejo Riserva Exclusiva Rum

Pampero Aniversario Ron Extra is a striking blend of 4-6 year old rums. Maturation in whisky and bourbon barrels have given this rum a concentrated, rich flavor while rendering it delightfully smooth. Enjoy this rum straight or over ice. Strikingly attractive mahogany/chestnut color. Bouquet is sap-like and resiny at first then it opens up to include mature fragrances of honey, dark caramel, cola nut, candied apricot, and roasted almond. Taste profile highlights the candied aspect noted in the aroma. Aftertaste is long, toasty, sublime.” 94 Points, Highly Recommended, 2016 Ultimate Spirits Challenge.

Pampero aniversario reserva exclusiva rum. pampero aniversario ron anejo is a dark mahogany rum from venezuela, introduced to commemorate pampero’s 25th anniversary. it is full bodied, smooth, highly fruity with nuttiness, bittersweet chocolate and wood, making it light and warm on the tongue.

Tasting Notes Of Pampero Aniversario Ron Extra


full and rich, with notes of cocoa dominant at the front, and just a touch of vanilla.


dark, mahogany color.


cocoa is the first flavor to hit the tongue; a little vanilla, as well as a hint of leather and a slight woodiness imparted by the oak barrels used for aging.


buttery slightly oily and smokey


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