No 209 Gin

Juniper, Which By Law Is Required To Be The Dominant Flavor In Any Gin, Is Only One Of Dozens Of Different Spices, Roots, Herbs And Berries That Can Be Used To Flavor Gin. Each Combination Creates A Unique Flavor. In Addition To Juniper, The Recipe For No. 209 Gin Includes Somewhere Between Eight And Eleven Different Botanicals – Vague, Yes, Secretive, Absolutely – Our Master Distiller Can Be A Conspiracy Theorist At Times. The Delicious Complexity Of No. 209’S Citrus Spice Flavor Profile Is Primarily A Result Of Bergamot Orange, Lemon Peel, Cardamom Pods, Cassia Bark, Angelica Root And Coriander Seeds.

We Purchase Our Botanicals From The Best Producers Around The Globe. Although Our Suppliers Span Four Continents, Whenever Possible, We Attempt To Source Locally.

What’s Different About Gin, Than Say, Its More Popular Counterpart, Vodka, Is That Each Gin Has Its Own Personality With A Distinct Aroma, Taste Profile And Finish. Vastly Different From The Juniper-Heavy Gins Of The Past, No. 209 Opens With A Beautifully Aromatic Nose Of Predominately Citrus And Floral Notes With A Hint Of Spiciness. First Across The Palette Are The Citrus High Notes, With Lemon Predominate Followed By A Hint Of Orange. As The Spirit Warms In The Mouth, Delicate Floral Notes Are Liberated From The Bergamot And Coriander. Mid Palette, There Is A Pepper-Like Warmth From The Emerging Cardamom And Juniper With A Wonderful Counterpoint From The Mint-Like Components Of The Cardamom. As The Gin Passes The Palette, The Cassia And Other Warm Spice Notes Become Prominent. The Cassia In Particular Will Linger In The Aftertaste, Encouraging Another Sip.

We Take Great Pride In Making A Handcrafted, Unique And Intriguing Spirit That Is Truly Artisinal In Quality. Whether You Drink No. 209 Neat In A Martini Or In A Mixed Cocktail, You Will Be Able To Tell That It Is No. 209 And Appreciate The Difference That It Makes.

-From The Producer

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